Frequently Asked Questions


1. Who may participate in the event?

Dancers ages 21 and under are welcome to participate, with both recreational and competitive dancers encouraged to join us! We divide the classes by age and level.

2. Can I register after the deadline?

The final registration deadline is four (4) weeks prior to each event date (unless capacity is reached before that date), and will not accepted past the deadline. You’ll want to sign up early as our class space is limited to 40 kid per class average.

3. Who may be an observer, and what does the Observer Pass entail?

Observers may be a participating dancer’s parent, or participating dancer’s studio owner or teacher. By registering as an observer, you have the option to sit in and observe all classes. It gives you full access to the day’s activities. It however does not give you permission to participate/dance in the classes.

4. Will observers passes be available the day of the event?

The deadline for Observers passes is four (4) weeks prior to each event date, and includes access to view any/all of the scheduled classes.

5. May I attend the injury prevention or nutrition course and the final end of day performance, without an observer pass?

Yes, all participant parents, and participating teachers/studio owners are welcomed and encouraged to attend the injury prevention or nutrition course and the final performance at the end of the day, with no observer pass required. We want you there to support your dancer, and to learn how to help keep your dancer, healthy and dancing at their best.

6. Will my dancer need to bring a lunch?

Yes, your dancer will want to prepare and either bring a lunch to the event OR they may order lunch from the restaurant of the host venue/ hotel.

7. What should my dancer wear?

They should wear their normal dance attire that they feel comfortable dancing in. They should also bring appropriate shoes for the different classes offered in that city.

8. What class styles will my dancer take?

It depends on the faculty teaching in that city and their specialty. Each city will feature 4 master classes in total in a variety of styles. Typical styles that may be included: ballet, jazz, contemporary, and hip hop.

9. What is the schedule?

The Dance Intensive is tentatively scheduled from 8:30am-3:30pm, for each day the event is booked by the studio. This timeframe may change and should be used for general planning purposes only. A final schedule is emailed to the studio owner at least one (1) week prior to the event date.

10. When will we receive a final schedule?

A final schedule will be emailed to the studio owner at least one (1) week prior to the event.




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